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Saving money isn’t as hard as you might think. These ten life hacks will make saving money just as easy as tying your shoes. Just making small lifestyle changes can snowball into saving hundreds, or even thousands of dollars each year. Wouldn’t you want that extra money in your bank account? Or use that money to help get credit repair? Read on to learn about ten life hacks that’ll save some extra dough.

Brew Your Coffee at Home

Kicking your Starbucks habit can save you loads of money in the long run. Depending on where you get your daily caffeine fix, you’re probably spending anywhere between $1 to $5 dollars on your precious cup of coffee. If you brew it at home, you’d be spending somewhere between 16 and 18 cents. The next time that you’re in need of a boost, look no further than your home kitchen.

saving money hacks

Borrow from the Library

Libraries offer a ton of different services and currently, they’re most technologically efficient than ever. Instead of buying books from a bookstore or an online retailer, try borrowing the next bestseller from the library. You have thousands of books at your disposal and you don’t have to worry that you’re wasting money if you don’t finish them. You can also borrow movies and magazines from the library as well. If you’re looking for some in-home entertainment, make the library your first stop.

Buy from the Thrift Store

If you’re looking to buy clothing, small appliances, or even furniture, try looking at the thrift store first. Your first thought might be to run to a department store or the mall, but if you don’t check out the thrift store first, you could be missing out on the deal of your life at the thrift store. There’s a wide variety of pre-loved items that are available at thrift stores near you. You’ll surely be surprised at the excellent quality that you’re able to find at thrift stores. You can’t find a better deal! Also, since you’re getting a bargain on the item that you’re buying, you might be able to turn it into a DIY project in order to make it perfect for you. There are so many opportunities available when you’re buying from the thrift store.

Carpool with Friends or Coworkers

If you have a consistent commute to work or even an event, try to work out a carpooling schedule with your friends or coworkers. Even if you can only carpool one or two days out of the week it’ll help you both save gas and wear and tear on your car over the coming years. You both can get to know each other, and you may be able to make a new friend in the process. Also, you both are helping save the environment. It’s definitely a win-win situation.

Buy in Bulk

Items like toilet paper, deodorant, or toothbrushes are things that you’re going to need forever. So, why not buy these items in bulk and save about 20% in the process? Also, if you’re looking to buy food in bulk as well, be sure it’s non-perishable. Wasting food is terrible, and it throwing away money instead of saving it. Who wants that?

Buy Neutral Clothing

Buying clothing items in neutral colors (white, black, grey, brown, etc.) will allow you to better use your wardrobe. All of your clothing items will pair with each other well. If you’re looking to add a pop of color, try out lower-cost accessories like jewelry and scarves. That’ll give the appearance of having a larger wardrobe without having to dish out tons of money for endless pieces of clothing.

Buy Generic

Whether it’s groceries, prescriptions, or toiletries, using the generic brand will always be cheaper. Most of the time they’re using the same ingredients anyway, so it’s an easy decision to make. You might think that the brand name tastes or works better, but give the generic a week in your home before you swear it off. You might end up finding your next favorite ketchup or body wash.

Use Coupons

Using coupons can help you save a ton no matter where you go. For groceries, look through your Sunday paper and keep a sharp eye on the deals that are happening in your neck of the woods. You can also look at sites such as Groupon and RetailMeNot to look for coupon codes and offers that are happening with the stores that you’re using every day. There are usually coupons available for most shops that you frequently go to, you just have to take time to research them.

Start a Piggy Bank

Take a note from your younger self and store away your change in a piggy bank or change jar. Every day, when you come back home, take the time to store away your loose change. The money definitely adds up and it sure to come in handy. At the end of the year, you might even have enough to pay an extra bill or help pay off some debt and help with rebuilding your credit.

Drink Water

This is a simple change to incorporate your lifestyle, but it’s saving you money every time you take a gulp. Whenever you get thirsty, take a drink of water instead of grabbing some soda or juice. It’s also better for your health as well, which is saving you money in the long run. If your tap water is less than savory, try to invest in a water filter. They’re easy to install and can be equipped straight to your faucet so you can have beautifully filtered water no matter what. Be sure to keep an ice-cold bottle of water with you wherever you go so you can always have a refreshing drink to enjoy.

Each of these life hacks can help you add a couple of extra bucks to your monthly budget. You’ll be able to save more money and use that money in a variety of different ways. Whether you’re trying to plan a much-needed vacation or just looking to pay your bills, utilizing these life hacks will help you save money for whatever adventures life will take you on. Be sure to incorporate one (or all!) of these life hacks into your daily lifestyle and your bank account will be better because of it.



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