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You don’t have to leave the Lone Star State to improve your credit score. Our unwavering commitment to helping people reverse poor credit and realize financial security has inspired us to design personalized and attorney-based credit repair Bakersfield solutions to help you find success.

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The Phenix Group’s credit specialists, along with an independent law firm, will request copies of your consumer credit report from the three major reporting agencies – Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. Once your information is assembled, we comb through your reports to challenge inaccurate, outdated, or unverifiable information that is negatively impacting your score. For example, there may be a harmful item showing on your report that originally came from a business that has since closed down. In this instance, our credit analysts would request to have this data removed as the source of the information can no longer be verified. Our goal is to customize a credit repair solution around your specific needs and required time frame. As your partner, we work in your best interests to negotiate with creditors and effectively improve your credit score.

We’ve been in the industry long enough to understand the pitfalls of having a bad credit score. When not properly addressed, it can slowly creep its way into every aspect of your life – affecting your job, lifestyle, and financial health. Rather than racking up high interest rates or hiding from the debt collector who comes knocking at your door once a day, let The Phenix Group help you live the life you deserve. We are committed to protecting Bakersfield residents from financial instability and repairing poor credit scores.


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Bakersfield, California is a thriving region; its agriculture and oil industries have been booming, keeping the job market healthy. With its miles of hiking paths, delicious locally sourced food, and beautiful weather year-round, Bakersfield is a great location for families of all sizes to settle down and enjoy all the charming attractions the city has to offer. Despite all of its positive qualities, Bakersfield residents are struggling with financial hardship, with residents’ holding an average credit score of 642. This score places Bakersfield in the 14th percentile of U.S. cities, ranking 2180 out of 2534 metropolitan areas when it comes to credit ratings.

Among millennial residents, the burden is even greater, with this generation averaging a score of 600. It’s no surprise, considering this generation joined the workforce during economic hardship, leading to stagnant wages, few job opportunities, and high student loan debt. 19.8% of the entire population is currently living beneath the poverty line (compared to the estimated 15.5% nationwide), as they struggling to shoulder the median monthly cost of housing at $1,153. These stats are a strong indicator that many people living in the Bakersfield region are wrestling with poor credit. Luckily, the negative effects of having a bad credit score can be reversed. The Phenix Group provides personalized credit repair solutions so Bakersfield, California residents don’t have to face this battle alone.

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Juggling financial obligations, especially when paired with things like low wages, unemployment, or unexpected expenses can affect your credit in a bunch of ways. Life can throw curveballs at any of us, and when faced with unanticipated bills or expenses, your financial wellbeing can easily take a turn for the worse. For Bakersfield residents who live paycheck-to-paycheck, there is virtually no wiggle room to cope with a financial emergency that may arise. This often forces a person to turn to credit cards or loans to help them through a rough patch, which causes even more bills to pile up in the mailbox.

Common mistakes that will lead to bad scores:

  • Habitually late on payments
  • Filing for bankruptcy
  • Having an account charged off
  • Defaulting on a loan
  • Closing old lines of credit


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As a Loan Officer with 15 years in the business, I would recommend The Phenix Group to any LO who is looking to take their business to the next level, you won't be disappointed. Besides their insanely awesome Credit Gangster Ninja moves, they legitimately care for the client. They will treat each and every referral like family and guide them through the process, and make it easy and simple to understand and follow. I have been working with them for the past two years and they have drastically changed my business. I have a consistent pipeline of clients who might not otherwise have had a chance at realizing their dream of homeownership.


April 20, 2018


Just like oil and water, “bad” and “credit” just don’t mix well together. When you possess a poor credit score it can completely turn your life upside down. As a credit repair specialist, The Phenix Group is ready to help snuff out the financial mistakes that have cost you elevated insurance premiums or denied loan application after denied loan application. Your credit score doesn’t have to define your life. We can personalize a solution that fits your needs – from loan consolidations to debt settlements – to ensure you can enjoy all Bakersfield, California has to offer without the strain of financial hardship.