Client Story

Meet Vincenzo


Our Credit Repair Sucessful Client 

  • Father of 1
  • Staffing consultant
  • Needed to raise credit score to get a dependable vehicle
  • Wanted to work on also getting a new home
  • In The Phenix Group credit restoration program for 45 days


  • 643Experian
  • 647Equifax
  • 577TransUnion


  • Medical
  • Credit cards
  • Bills from a divorce
  • Mixed Credit File
  • Energy and cable bills


Vincenzo’s Background

I’ve always had to purchase older cars because my credit score was lacking. Of course, along with older cars usually comes a lot of problems. I had a vehicle that kept breaking down and one that I was spending way too much money repairing. I ended up paying that car off at a high percentage rate and got no credit for paying it off. I was in a bad spot when I started to shop for a new car to replace that one. The only option I had with my bad credit score was to get yet another, old car.

In June of 2015 I bought a 2004 Infiniti, paying $425/month for 48 months which ended up being $15,300 altogether.

As you can imagine, this car had issues and was breaking down all the time. I was constantly missing time spent with my family and from work, while also spending way too much on repairs that shouldn’t have been popping up, especially after just buying this “new” car.

After missing my third day of work in a row and not being able to take my son to his football practice and school functions, I knew I had to do something. I needed a dependable vehicle. I was blowing money on an old car with a high interest rate, and I knew it was going to break down completely before I even paid it off. I felt like my hands were tied and I didn’t know what to do to fix this situation with my less-than-appealing credit score.


Vincenzo’s Story

In July of 2018, after venting to my barber during a haircut/therapy session, he recommended I contact Joe Camacho at the Phenix Group. I gave Joe a call and was blown away by his professionalism and more importantly, his understanding of my situation. He quickly came up with a personalized game plan to get my credit score where I needed it to be so that I could get my life back. We began working immediately!
45 days is all it took for Joe and the team at The Phenix Group to work their magic! After getting my new scores, I felt so relieved, like a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders; I was a new man! For the first time in my life, I felt secure about my financial future. It felt amazing knowing my girlfriend and I could also start looking for a new home together!

I can honestly say, I had a new pep in my step that day. I felt like a new man!


What Vincenzo Gained

I remember the exact moment I found out the great news about my credit scores. I had a cup of coffee in hand when I got an email with my updated credit scores. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning! That same day, I went to a credit union and got pre-approved immediately. I spent the rest of the day going to a few different dealerships and got treated like royalty with my new credit scores! This was such a different car shopping experience than I had ever had before.

After a couple weeks of researching and looking at car deals, I saw some specials happening over Labor Day weekend that I wanted to check out. I was able to walk out of the dealership with a brand new 2019 Jeep Cherokee with 0 down and just my signature – it was so surreal!

Scores raised by 217 points in 45 days

Bought brand new Jeep with 0 down

Ability to start shopping for a new home

Starting Scores:

  • 643Experian
  • 647Equifax
  • 577TransUnion

Ending Scores:

  • 811Experian
  • 681Equifax
  • 794TransUnion


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