Client Story

Meet Jimmy


Our Credit Repair Successful Client

  • Engaged
  • Wanted to buy a house for him and new fiance
  • Didn’t get paid by employer for 2 months
  • Needed to raise credit score to get approved for a new house
  • Participated in The Phenix Group credit restoration program for 4 months


  • 629Experian
  • 560Equifax
  • 560TransUnion


  • Credit cards
  • Assortment of bills
  • Late Mortgage Payments


Jimmy’s Background

I purchased my first house 15 years ago when I was single. During those years, I wasn’t buying cars or houses so there wasn’t a need to look at or think about my credit score. Things were running smoothly.

Back then, I was working for a company that didn’t pay me for two months before they filed for bankruptcy. Because of that, I ran up my credit card by paying for bills and mortgage late payments.

My credit took a severe hit after not getting paid for a long time. I had no other choice but to use my credit card to pay for essentials and things I knew I couldn’t pay off anytime soon; I couldn’t even afford most of my living expenses during that period of time.

Also on top of that, I was looking for a new job – talk about stress.

It wasn’t until I needed to find another house that I truly realized how bad my credit actually was.


Jimmy’s Story

In January of 2018, I wanted to move in with my fiance and build a new home together. We started looking for a house and had our hearts set on a particular subdivision. We found the perfect plot of land in the subdivision we wanted that could cater to the floor plan we always dreamed of.


We were pre-approved with my fiance’s credit but since I make more money, they needed my credit score as well. We were able to secure the plot, however, during the build, I needed to get my credit fixed in order to complete the loan process.

That is was when I was introduced to Joe Camacho at The Phenix Group by a lender. After telling him details about my situation, and what my goals were, I felt confident that he could help. He laid out a plan tailored to me, told me exactly what I needed to do, and gave me a timeline with the most reasonable outcome to expect.


After my work was done and we were in the home building process with KB Homes, Joe was in the background working his ass off and he really saved the day.


We were stressed out the entire time up until when we got our final approval. I may have lost the house without the help of Joe and The Phenix Group.

I was able to stop worrying about if we were going to get our dream home when we got the final approval! They took a ton of bricks off the top of us. We could breathe.


What Jimmy Gained

It took just 4 months for The Phenix Group to raise my credit score by about 175 points. They helped me secure my dream home and get a fresh start with my debt. I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

I’m happy to say we closed on Friday, May 3rd of 2019. We will be moving into our newly built home in the next 30 days! I am so thankful for Joe’s help at The Phenix Group.

Scores raised by 175 points in 4 months

Bought and built brand new home

Starting Scores:

  • 629Experian
  • 560Equifax
  • 560TransUnion

Ending Scores:

  • 804Experian
  • 761Equifax
  • 694TransUnion


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