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New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles are some of the most well-known cities in America. Add Houston, Texas to that list. Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States and is a must-see for any tourist. When planning your weekend getaway or a road trip around the country, be sure to include Houston in your travel plan. Named after the first and third president of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston, this metropolitan area has a lot of activities and places to see. This article will provide you with ten must-do activities when you visit the great city of Houston.



Make Sure You Stop by the Space Center Houston

One of America’s biggest accomplishments was putting a man on the moon. So much of NASA’s history can be traced back to Texas, which makes the Space Center a must-see. As Houston’s topmost attraction, you would be missing out if you didn’t take a visit. The Space Center holds more than four hundred artifacts, with both permanent and traveling exhibits on site. You can see what the space program has accomplished and what missions they have planned for the future.



Take A Look at the Museum District

New York City may have some impressive museums, but Houston’s collection of museums is nothing to scoff at. The Museum District has nineteen museums residing in its downtown area, which makes it one of the best cultural attractions that you can be privy to. Eleven out of the nineteen museums are free to the public, so there really aren’t many excuses you can come up with as to why you can’t make it to at least one.



Time to Go to the Zoo!

The Houston Zoo should definitely be on your list of places to visit while exploring Houston, Texas. The zoo holds more than six thousand exotic and indigenous animals. For those exploring with children, the zoo has an educational center that will make the trip fun and informative for the whole family.



Catch Some Sun in Galveston

Houston is a beautiful metropolis, but even the biggest city lover needs a break from skyscrapers. This is why Galveston is a wonderful place to visit and relax. The beaches are gorgeous and the water is beautiful. Vacation is meant to be relaxing, and what’s more tranquil than lying on the warm sand or splashing in the gorgeous ocean? Take a trip to Galveston with the whole family to have a nice break while exploring the city.


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Take a Trip Around the Beautiful Buffalo Bayou Park

You can walk, bike, or paddle in Buffalo Bayou Park. The park consists of one hundred and sixty acres of green, with slow-moving water at the center. It’s a calm area to really enjoy the outdoors and nature while you are in Houston. Take a break in between your city exploring to get back in touch with nature when you visit the Buffalo Bayou Park. The beauty will certainly beckon you back long after you’ve left Houston.



Make Sure to Attend a Livestock Show and Rodeo

It wouldn’t be Texas without a rodeo. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is Houston’s biggest annual event. If you time your visit right, you can land yourself smackdab in the middle of the nineteen-day event. Taking place between February or March, enjoy the carnival, food stands, and games associated with this popular event. Of course, the main attraction is seeing cowboys in the rodeo show, which you do need tickets for.



Go to a Sports Game

Even if you aren’t the biggest sports fan, going to a live sports game is incredibly fun. Houston has football, basketball, baseball, and soccer, so there are plenty of options for you to choose from. The Toyota Center and Minute Maid Park are perfect places to visit for anyone who fancies themselves a lover of all sports.



Explore Rice University

Even if you aren’t a college student, you can gain a lot of knowledge when you take a walk through Rice University Campus. This three-hundred-acre campus holds a lot of history, as well as contemporary art on its campgrounds. Get a view of the longstanding buildings on campus and feel the history that this university possesses.



Explore the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

Now, this is an impressive piece of architecture. This multi-story sculptural fountain dwarves everyone as it stands sixty-four feet above you. While a waterwall park may not seem like something you’d originally put on your itinerary, this 2.77-acre park has lovely oakwood that makes it simply a beautiful park to explore. Be sure to add this on your list of places to visit when you arrive in Houston, Texas.



Deep Dive into Houston’s Dining Experience

Houston has a lot of variety of food to offer visitors. Whether you are looking for Latin American dishes, Asian cuisine, Mexican food, or even health-conscious meals, Houston has it all. Houston is nowhere to stick your nose up and the variety of food may surprise you. A few places too good not to mention are One Fifth Houston, which is a five-year project that develops unique dining concepts, such as steak and even Mediterranean. Mexican food lovers can enjoy a high-end cuisine at Xochi, which will always surprise you. No matter what you are looking for, Houston has it.


Houston, Texas will provide one of the richest experiences than any other American state has to offer. There are endless options for tourists to explore and you will simply need to keep coming back to see it all. As a multicultural city, its food, shops, and parks all display what Houston stands for. There are so many things to do, and we couldn’t even fit them all on this list. This list is just a taste of what Houston has to offer, and you may wonder why you didn’t take this trip sooner. Every moment you are there will feel like returning home, and you may never want to leave after all of the fun you have.