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At The Phenix Group, we are here for you every step of the way. Our staff of experienced credit repair specialists will take a look at all the factors contributing to your credit score to ultimately help lift the weight of poor credit off your shoulders. We work alongside an independent law firm to identify information that’s inaccurate or outdated – which can cause your score to plummet. We understand that you are your own person – with your own unique challenges and goals. That’s why we personalize a program specifically for you!

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How is Credit Calculated?

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If you’re not familiar, credit scores are calculated using a popular scoring system called FICO®. The system produces a three-digit number between 300 and 850 to determine your creditworthiness. When you’re struggling with poor credit, you have to deal with lenders and creditors who see you as a risky borrower. Wondering how this can affect your life on a day to day basis? With a low credit score, you will face denied loan applications, high interest rates, raised insurance premiums, and extra fees tacked onto your monthly bills. Lucky, there’s great solutions out there for Corpus Christi credit repair. The Phenix Group truly cares about your financial wellbeing. That’s why we design personalized credit repair solutions that not only meet your unique needs, but effectively boost your credit score.

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The Credit Condition in CORPUS CHRISTI, TX

Corpus Christi, Texas – everyone’s favorite Sparkling City by the Sea, is full of fishing poles, windsurfers, and sailboats. Often referred to as the Florida of Texas (minus the price tag), Corpus Christi is a bustling community with a great economy and an “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” mentality. The Coastal Bend is more than just sandy beaches, however. It’s home to many transportation and energy companies who invest their dollars in the city’s port. Corpus Christi also has a lot of history, a growing art scene, and plenty of farmers markets for some fresh produce. Despite the fresh gulf seafood, many residents in the Sparkling City by the Sea are trying to keep their head above water when it comes to their financials and credit standing. On average, residents possess a credit score of 638 – which certainly falls into the “needs improvement” category. That’s where Corpus Christi credit repair comes into play.

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The Credit Inside Scoop

Your credit standing can come from both intentional and unintentional financial decisions. To calculate your score, a number of factors are taken into account, such as the credit mix you possess, the length of your credit history, whether or not you make on-time payments, and your total debt. Why do creditors and lenders rely so heavily on your credit score? Because it’s a predictor of your financial behaviors. For instance, if you’ll frequently miss or be late on monthly payments or the likelihood that you’ll default on a loan. When you repeatedly max out your credit cards or forget to make on-time payments, it can wreak havoc on your financial health – especially for those living on a paycheck to paycheck basis.

Common mistakes that lead to bad scores:

  • Habitually late on payments
  • Filing for bankruptcy
  • Having an account charged off
  • Defaulting on a loan
  • Closing old lines of credit
  • Constantly maxing out credit cards


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As a Loan Officer with 15 years in the business, I would recommend The Phenix Group to any LO who is looking to take their business to the next level, you won't be disappointed. Besides their insanely awesome Credit Gangster Ninja moves, they legitimately care for the client. They will treat each and every referral like family and guide them through the process, and make it easy and simple to understand and follow. I have been working with them for the past two years and they have drastically changed my business. I have a consistent pipeline of clients who might not otherwise have had a chance at realizing their dream of homeownership.


April 20, 2018

We can help CORPUS CHRISTI Residents

With our vast knowledge of consumer laws and credit restoration, The Phenix Group will work on your behalf to help you gain control of your financial health. Our goal is to help you restore your credit standing so you can enjoy all the sun, sand, and seafood the Sparkling City by the Sea has to offer. We’ve designed our Corpus Christi credit repair services to wash away the stress, headaches, and seemingly endless fees that come with having poor credit.