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The Phenix Group
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 80 reviews
by Kevin on The Phenix Group
City: Round Rock
State: Texas

I have to give my very favorable review to Joe Camacho for his willingness to help us. We have some issues with our credit and some pending actions that may get in the way of our first mortgage application... Joe came highly recommended so we had a consultation with him. He heaped on the advice (all for no charge) on the things we need to do from our end; things I wouldn't have ever considered doing. We handled the two pending actions in 1 day - that alone is advice i would have paid for. On top of that he called me back this morning with even more advice. He invited us to call him if we need ANYTHING... I really appreciate this guy! Later on if we have to do it, I will GLADLY pay for his credit repair services. Probably won't need it because the free advice was gold.

by Braden on The Phenix Group
City: Brevard
State: NC

David Rodriguez was excellent! Helped me understand how credit works a little better and even made me feel comfortable that I didn’t know much

by John Nagel on The Phenix Group
City: Magnolia
State: TX

I have never had a service worth buying as much is the service I got through the Phenix group, Brian Quinn Did a whole lot better and a whole lot faster than he expected himself we are still made it about eight months before my credit would be up to par to buy a house I was in the low fours I guess he calculated wrong because I was ready within 5 to 6 months because of this man my children have their own room never forget the Phoenix group and Brian Quinn And always will refer them to anyone I know who has credit issues. I’m a believer thank you Brian

by Sarah & Dante Stringer on The Phenix Group
City: Yuba City
State: California

My husband and I contacted Joe Camacho in May of 2019, we we’re trying to buy a our 1st house. We were turned down by so many of the usual companies that say they help people with bad credit get a house. Well that was far from the truth. Joe gave us very specific instructions. He told us to send him everything that a creditor sends us, which we did faithfully. He told us the tactics that the creditors used to keep reporting the debt. Joe and his team worked endlessly for us. The only thing I say is that (the Batch Date) should have been said at the beginning and impressed upon. But once Joe did inform us on the very importance of (the Batch Date) our credit soared to a 742. In exactly 1 year from our original conversation with Joe Camacho with signed the papers to own our 1st house. We our so grateful to Joe Camacho and everyone on his team. Mind you Joe didn’t fix 1 persons credit, he fixed 2 peoples credit in one shot. Joe did exactly what he said he could do for us. Joe remained professional despite my husband’s anger because the score didn’t jump as fast as he wanted it to. Joe Camacho is a true business man and I highly recommend Joe Camacho to anyone.

by Burt on The Phenix Group
City: Ashville
State: NC

I want to say thank you to David Rodriguez and The Phenix Group for their amazing credit repair service. I was referred to David by my mortgage lender in Ashville, NC. I was in very bad shape with my student loans and other credit issues from going through tough times in my younger years. I have been living off of cash for many years and got used to paying for what I wanted in full. It is a great feeling to be able to do that but as David says, "It's a whole other ballgame when you don't have to." Obviously I didn't want to nor could I pay for a house in cash. After talking with him, he got a copy of my credit report and came up with a thorough plan for restoring credit. He showed me how to increase credit scores by managing my credit accounts as he was doing his credit repair service. During the consultation, he explained every detail of how they were going to go about the process. I was blown away. There was so much information but he was so good at making it make sense that now I feel like I know more about credit than most bankers or finance companies. With the knowledge I have now, I will never fall victim to bad credit again. It took about 4 months but he was able to raise my credit scores 200 points from the low 500's to the low 700's. Amazing! Not only are they the best credit repair company in Texas, but I'm confident they are the best in entire country!!! I closed on my home in December and got the best interest rate for my mortgage. Thank you for your help David and The Phenix Group for your hard work and patience with me and my wife. We are forever grateful for your services. Call The Phenix Group today and ask for David... or Brian... he was helpful too when David was out.

by Brittany Levitan on The Phenix Group
City: Mount Joy
State: PA

If you think there is no hope for your credit, you are WRONG.

When I turned 30 (in Dec), I came face to face with the reality of how much I neglected my credit in my younger years. Everyone around me is buying houses, getting nice cars, buying nice things - and there I was feeling hopeless and trying to come to terms with how careless I was and feeling like I'll never get the same opportunities as others because of my mistakes. I got denial after denial. Then I started trying to figure out a way to just start paying everyone off - that has to help my score right? Then, hopefully one day, I too could have nice things

One day I was scrolling my phone and I came across an ad for a credit repair program. "We can help - don't let bad credit keep you from blah blah blah." I clicked it. Within seconds, I remembered why I never click those things. For the hell of it, I started reading reviews, trying to figure out if anyone has ever truly had a good experience with these people. Nope, just as I had assumed, REAL people had nothing positive to say. "They just take your money, my score never changed." "It's just a money pit, based on empty promises." About 2 pages into the reviews, some random dude posted about his experience with The Phenix Group. No one else was talking about this place. I looked up reviews for TPG and there was not a LOT, however, the ones that were there were GOOD ones. Nothing negative! So, I sent my info. What did I have to lose...if they end up being like everyone else I'll forget it and just move on, continuing to be depressed about my poor credit and the limitations it has brought me.

Then came BRIAN QUINN. I'll be honest, during my 1st phone conversation with him, I was waiting for the part where he'd give some bogus spiel, ask for my money and then I'd hang up on him. But this wasn't the case! For once, I felt like I had a chance to get out of this hole I was in.

From the start, Brian Q. was brutally honest - advising me that TPG can't help everyone and that once my credit report was reviewed, if he felt that in any way he wouldn't be able to help, he wouldn't go any further with me. Who wouldn't appreciate this honesty?!

Now here we are, EXACTLY seven months from when Brian Q. first introduced himself to me via email, and working with him has been one of the best choices I have ever made. The initial deposit was doable and the monthly fee, even more doable. I felt like I was on the right track again and was working with someone who I COULD actually trust to look out for my best interests.

Brian Q. has kept it real from day one, explaining to me the reality of how things might go and always taking the time to break things down for me in a way I can understand. He is on top of everything and I mean everything - nothing gets by him. I don't know how he does it. He is always available and is so proficient and timely. The best part is talking to him is just like holding a casual conversation with a friend. He is a genuine guy putting his knowledge of credit towards helping real people in real life situations. Not once have I felt pressured to do something I didn't completely understand or wasn't comfortable with. Brian Q. is "That Credit Dude" that EVERYONE needs as a friend.

I was introduced to Brian Q. in Jan of this year (2019) and it's now August and my FICO alone has increased by 100 points. For someone coming from where I was initially, this is AMAZING. It gives me hope! What resonates with me the most is that I was originally, before meeting Brian Q., trying to devise a plan to pay off all my debt collectors. But Brian Q. was quick to tell me right off the bat that doing so wouldn't make a difference and my score wouldn't have magically jumped to great. I would've walked myself right into a bigger, "broker" hole. Thanks to Brian Q. I now see the light at the end of this tunnel. Best part - my program ISN'T EVEN OVER YET. I am so excited to see where this takes me!

Working with Brian Q., hands down the best choice I ever made; working with TPG in general, best money I've ever invested.

by Amanda on The Phenix Group
City: San Marcos
State: Texas

We have been in the house process for awhile now and we learned that my credit was the reason holding us back. All the things we tried my score just wouldn’t move. Our lender recommended Joe Camacho. At first I was very skeptical. He called us and we spoke for over an hour. He explained who he was and what he does. He is very professional and passionate about what he does. He made me feel comfortable with what he was going to do just by the way he spoke about his work. He did mention that throughout the process there would be days were we wouldn’t hear from him, but that we know he’s doing his work because letters start coming in. He was right! Working with Joe was one of the best decisions we could’ve made because here we are a month later and now under contract! He’s absolutely right you don’t hear much about him and his company he lets his work speak for itself. I would truly recommend Joe to any and everyone who could use help on their credit. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t be were we are today.

by Meshia Curington on The Phenix Group
City: Williston
State: Nd

Calling several places to get credit repair has been a rampage til i finally met David R. At The Phenix Group.

I want to Thank David R. for being very honest and informal about credit repair. I really appreciate the consultation he gave me on my credit report.

by Kyle M Cunningham on The Phenix Group
City: Gaffney
State: SC

Justin Elliott has been great to work with; constantly updating me with where we were at in the process. Also, he has offered an exponential amount of advice about how I can improve my situation. One final note, Justin has set the bar for customer service; always asking how my family is doing, how I'm doing and just shows a genuine care for his clients. Thank you Justin.

by Meshia Curington on The Phenix Group
City: Williston
State: ND

I want to recommend The Phenix Group.

I consulted with David Rogriguez he was awesome.

And spoke to me about my credit and ho I can improve my credit score and credit to buy a home l. I thank him for the information that he provide me with.

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