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The Phenix Group
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 66 reviews
by Rachid Benmachiche on The Phenix Group
City: Glendale
State: CA

My wife and I have been working with Joe Camacho for 5 months now and we couldn't ask for more. Joe did an amazing job cleaning up my wife's credit. He's up front and very honest from the start, he won't promise you the world just to sign you up for the program.

He truly does care about helping his clients. He will walk you through the procedure from A to Z, he will answer your emails and return calls promptly. That was our experience with him, what else could you ask for?

It really is a pleasure working with him. Contact him at (469) 290-4625 if you want to improve your credit.

by Rob Vélez on The Phenix Group
City: New Haven
State: CT

It's been over a year now that I had worked with Joe Camacho at White Jacobs and since then my credit is still great and I have been able to purchase a new car with a great APR and no hoops to jump through like I had to in the past. I have approximately around $30,000 in credit and when I first started with him I had a $500 secured credit card. I could not be happier with the results I have gotten from working with him and this company. I am planning on buying a home this year as well. If you are looking for a company that will truly help you repair your credit and will guide you on what to do after then this is the place for you. Thank you again Joe for everything, my family and I truly appreciate it.

Call Joe Camacho (469) 290-4625.

by Amber Huyghe on The Phenix Group
City: Detroit
State: Michigan

What can I say about THE Joe Camacho? How much time ya got? No seriously, he's the BEST! I discovered Joe and his expertise at a time of complete disaster with my finances. He did everything in his power to make me feel comfortable and confident with the journey we were about to go on. I made massive mistakes in my twenties, and Joe helped me rebuild to a place of improvement! After hard work, honesty, trust, and commitment, I finally leased a brand new car! Let's not leave out the fact he helped jump my credit score over 200 points higher!! That never seemed possible, until I met Joe. I always say...Joe is a pitbull...funny...but true. You won't meet somebody who will hustle harder, than Joe Camacho. I wish you the same success with your finances and'll achieve it...and make sure you put in the work too! Call Joe today and I promise it will be the best decision you ever make.

by Matt Duke on The Phenix Group
City: Yuma
State: AZ

First I would highly recommend Mr. Joe Camacho from the Phenix Group.

His professionalism and willingness to explain exactly how the process works were very easy and simple to understand. If ever I had a question Mr. Camacho would get with me asap, also at anytime, I needed I always felt number one on his list. Mr. Camacho was very easy to work with hands down. I'm also a veteran and his knowledge with working with veterans and knowing what is available for veterans is second to none.

by Jacob Quinn on The Phenix Group
City: Houston
State: TX

Joe Camacho is the best in the business. He is brutally honest and is up front. He does not sugar coat or b/s his clients. When I contacted him, I knew I was in bad shape, and it was nobody's fault but my own. I probably couldn't have gotten a loan for a bicycle if I wanted one nevertheless a car or house. Well yesterday I just closed on a home (with a great interest rate, no PMI and no origination fee). I wouldn't be where I am credit wise w/o Joe Camacho. I called to thank him yesterday and his first words out of his mouth were,"Mr Quinn, we're not done yet." Even after buying my house he wants to keep working and make sure I get to where he promised me, which is well into the 700's on all three credit reports. He has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuous efforts. If you are on the fence, just pull the trigger, because Joe is your man. Furthermore, Joe is always reachable. Phone email etc. He would call me even on Saturday. Couldn't be happier w/ Joe. Thank you

by Ron Robinson on The Phenix Group
City: San Antonio
State: TX

Brian Quinn is awesome! He has helped me with several clients over the years. These folks do good business. Give them the opportunity. You will close more business.

by Mylo Draven on The Phenix Group
City: Farmers Branch
State: TX

I have shared multiple clients with Brian. As a result of his professionalism, expertise, and hard work I was able to turn each client into a 1st Time Homeowner. He is easy to work with and always accessible to not only myself, but the client as well. If you want results, reach out to Brian.

by Amanda Morris on The Phenix Group
City: Fremont
State: NE

Brian has been amazing through the program and has had great results even though I am not yet finished with the program! Without him, I know that I would never be able to move in the direction of my goals. Thanks for all the continued hard work on my behalf. He knows what he is doing, is always there to address my concerns or questions and has given me hope. You're the best!

by Kellie Matthews on The Phenix Group
City: Greeley
State: Colorado

Justin is fabulous at credit repair. He has helped a few of my Real Estate clients move forward on their path of future Home Ownership! I really enjoy working with him! 469-602-1228

by Roxanne Rodriguez on The Phenix Group
City: Fort Lupton
State: Colorado

Friends and family, if you ever want to fix your credit for any reason at all. To buy a home, new vehicle or just have good credit in General. Justin Elliott is a good friend who worked on my credit in the past. This is his new company! Reach out to him he's the best! 469-602-1228

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