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The Phenix Group
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 106 reviews
by James Hoglen on The Phenix Group
City: Frisco
State: TX

As a Loan Officer for the past 20 years, I am constantly approached by credit repair companies, 99.9% of them over promise and under deliver, or the provide a service that anyone can do themselves by logging onto the credit bureau’s site. So when I meet a credit repair representative, I am always skeptical.

One of my top Realtor partners introduced me to David Rodriguez. He is one of the true credit repair professionals working at The Phenix Group. When we met, I was certain he was just the same as the others.

After having coffee with him, he did sound different than all the others I have spoken with. Working as a loan officer for 20 years, I know a thing or two about credit. David was definitely well informed and had knowledge that most credit repair people do not have. He didn’t sound like a salesperson. Maybe he was just well read and had a good script. Maybe he is just a good salesperson! He “snowed” me enough to reluctantly give him a shot, or at least refer a client to him.

David definitely delivered. Not saying he undersold himself or company, but he and the company blew away any and all expectations I had for credit repair.

Since then, David is ms my credit Subject Matter Expert! Without hesitation, I refer my clients to them.

A lot of Loan Officers with my experience, will attempt to guide their clients through the credit repair process themselves. Most times with decent (at best) results. As lenders, we have a lot of tools at our disposal for credit. These tool come straight from the repositories and are legit. I have totally stopped this type of assistance to my clients. I get them in the hands of David.

David isn’t all about the sign up or sale. He will review the credit with the client, often he will tell them that they don’t need the service, and provide them with a plan of steps they can take themselves. In a sales environment, this speaks highly to the integrity of the company and representatives!

Unfortunately, Credit Repair has a rough reputation due to the snake oil salespeople/companies, or the salespeople who are just trying to sign people up to hit a quota.

David has assisted families in achieving the dream of homeownership. He has helped this dream come true to families, that I thought there was no way it would be possible, that the might be beyond the aid of credit repair.

David isnt 100% with the clients that I have sent him. Some people are beyond aid, or don’t want to commit, or do the work. With that being said, David is 100% with the clients that I have referred, that are repairable, and willing.

I have also refinanced clients, that David has sent my way. Clients that had through the roof interest rates. Clients that entered the program and now, thanks to David and The Phenix Group, are now saving 100’s of dollars per month, Some clients are literally saving $100,000 or more in life of loan savings.

David is the most knowledgeable, honest, and professional Credit Repair person I have ever met, and will be the only Credit Repair Professional I will ever refer my clients to!

by Kaylene Asuega on The Phenix Group
City: Bellflower
State: CA

I'm not one to usually right reviews but I just HAVE to for The Phenix Credit Group. Backstory: my husband and I are in the process of trying to buy a home. I had been going back and forth with the credit bureaus trying to figure out why there was a freeze on my credit and had been fighting with them for well over a month. I finally reached out to our agent and asked for help and immediately she suggested we talk to Joe. Of course, handing over important, confidential information can be incredibly new wracking and I was very hesitant. I wish we would have connected to him earlier because, WOW! He went above and beyond for us. He managed to fix all of our problems in less than 3 hours. He truly knows his stuff and will get the job done. He's an incredibly friendly and professional man, I cannot recommend him enough! Thank you, Joe, for all you've done for us! You have a customer and friend for life!

by Luz on The Phenix Group
City: San Antonio
State: Texas

Excelente servicio
Muy honesto resolvió todas mis preguntas
Yo los recomiendo muchas gracias por su ayuda sr: Rafael Pérez

by Angelica Ibarra on The Phenix Group
City: Buda
State: Texas

Una gran ayuda para mi esposo y para mi, una persona muy profesional y respomsable que nos ayudo mucho, el Sr. Rafael, recomiendo ampliamente a la compañia y a.nuestei asesor,.

by Yarileidy gallego on The Phenix Group
City: Houston
State: Tx

Agradezco al señor Rafael Pérez por su gran ayuda gracias a él hoy puedo disfrutar de mi nuevo hogar un millón de gracias

by Olga R. on The Phenix Group
City: Arlington
State: TX

Rafael Perez and his team at The Phenix Credit Group are absolutely the best! They were very patient in explaining the credit reports and finding solutions for us. They are friendly and professional and offer exceptional service. I highly recommend them!

by Mary L GARCIA on The Phenix Group
State: TX

100% recomenable Rafael Perez es el mejor, el trabajo y esta trabajando en el credito de mi esposo ,nos explico paso a paso el proceso y siempre esta en contacto con nosotros para decirnos como van las cosas estamos contentos con los resultados asido un placer conocerlo es amable y una linda persona . Gracias Rafael

by Patricia Flores on The Phenix Group
City: Mcallen
State: Tx

Always kept in contact with me about changes on my credit report. Always returned phone calls and emails...very stratified. Recommend 100%

by Alicia on The Phenix Group
City: Dallas
State: Texas

Today I called the Phenix Group and I spoke to a nice gentleman by the name of David Rodriguez. I inquired about ways to raise my fiancé credit score. David was really helpful & patient & when I tell you he jumped right into looking at my situation, I mean he literally didn’t waste anytime at all. He was completely honest & he has excellent customer service skills. Thank you David, we really appreciate your help 👍😊.

by Gloriany Llanes on The Phenix Group
City: Pflugerville
State: Texas

Having to experience this step in life was a little overwhelming but let me just say I had a great person to guide me along the way. He made me comfortable, an kept me well informed he is very professional, he is there’s to help and does such a awesome job . Thank you

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