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The Phenix Group
Average rating:  
 96 reviews
by Ashby on The Phenix Group
City: Anna
State: Texas

David is extremely helpful and quick to respond to questions. He's the best!

by JR Shields on The Phenix Group
City: Stamford
State: CT

Great business! I worked with David Rodriguez at The Phenix Group - he was fantastic! I came to David with my dream home on the line and my credit score down the tubes. He helped me put a plan in place to improve my score dramatically and ultimately get approved for the mortgage. Frankly, I didn't think it was possible, but David helped me improve my score 142 points in a very, very short period of time. Can't say enough good things about The Phenix Group's services and David's guidance!! Highly recommend. Moving into my new home next week!

by Mary Garcia on The Phenix Group
City: Round Rock
State: Texas

A Rafael y a su compañía por la cual trabaja la recomiendo , antes de entrar al programa me explico paso por paso y cualquier duda que yo tuviera el se tomaba el tiempo para explicarte , es amable tiene paciencia y sobretodo esta para ayudarte y te aconseja , el proceso no fue fácil , nada es fácil ,pero valió la pena Gracias Rafael

by Chante Boone on The Phenix Group
State: California

So I can't say enough how much I loved working with Rafael! The Phenix Group credit repair service was amazing. They got my Fico up 113 point and in range needed to buy house. The program was very easy to navigate and Rafael explained in detail exactly how it would work, what the responses would be from the creditors and how they would deal with them. In the end they were able to handle all items but 2 then gave me the solution to resolving those. Rafael even gave me info on how to assist my boyfriend and son to get their credit scores up. He definitely went above & beyond in every way. I was also invited to contact them at any time in the future for any of my credit questions. I highly recommend the Phenix Group for any credit related services you may need.

by Maria on The Phenix Group
City: Austin
State: Texas

I had a couple of questions and Mr Rodriguez was kind enough to guide me through. Dont hesitate to contact them in case you need advice!

by Dante Stringer on The Phenix Group
City: Yuba City
State: CA

“What can I say, like us all I had bad credit for years of not knowing, what the credit game was all about. I thought to gain good credit you had to use it and pay the minimum amount each month and I would get a 720 credit score. Well as we all "Now know" that is not how you gain a 720 or better credit score. My wife's and I journey began when we wanted to buy a house. So of course we started to have "mortgage companies" pull our credit reports. Man was we in for a shock. Our scores we in the mid-500's. We have one company going to give us a mortgage of only 100,000. Well in Northern California that was a small dump. So we said no thank you and started looking for credit repair companies. Of course, we found the usual companies that just want to consolidate are bad credit and have us pay a small amount monthly. While that was alright, my wife has done that in the past and the credit still stays on your credit file but "as paid". So as any good husband we kept looking because we not only wanted to pay and get some of the creditors off of our reports. You see a lot of the debt was sold many times over, so the same account was being reported 3 and 4 times by different companies. So my wife read reviews for "The Phenix Group" they are so different from the consolidating companies. We spoke with Joe Camacho the next day, he pulled our credit told us what he and his team could do for us. We signed up that day. Joe Camacho told us the creditors will stall us, by not relooking into the accounts, they did that. It was a process, so much that i wasn't sure it was working because I didn't see a "drastic increase in my points". I called Joe Camacho up and "angrily told him, he wasn't doing anything to improve my score." To which Joe Camacho said in a professional manner, that my score will increase after all the old accounts are done be disputed. While Joe explained that my credit didn't get bad overnight, it will not get better overnight either. He also said in that phone call that I may have not gone up in points. But one of my credit files only has items remaining on it. At that point, I was amazed and apologized for my harsh words. Joe Camacho worked hard for us and when he was done my wife and I both had a 650 credit score. Which let us buy a house in the craziest time in history. We signed the papers for our house on May 26, 2020, which was at the start of the "COVID 19 SHUTDOWN." Joe Camacho and his team at The Phenix Group our amazing. I know this is a long post but please read it thank you.”

by D'Andre Gaymon on The Phenix Group
City: Fairfield
State: OH

I did a lot of research before giving the The Phenix Group a call. In February 2020. I was connected with Brian Q. He was very professional and he let me know what to expect up front. I have really good credit but, I had a collection I needed removed so I called The Phenix Group. Brian told me he could not give me a time frame because it depends on how the response goes from outside sources. Long story short, I did get a little worried because I only had 1 thing I wanted removed and it was taking almost a whole year. Brian was great with communicating. With all the changes because of the Pandemic they still worked with me free of charge after the terms of the contract was up. This is the best decision I have ever made financially. They did everything by the book and kept a great paper trail. I also did my part by calling or sending an email every month just to see if there was any updates. Almost a year in, the collection is finally off my account and my credit is even better than it was before the collection was put on there.

by Young Neo on The Phenix Group
City: Fort Smith
State: AR

Brian from The Phenix Group has helped me get approved for a Capital one credit card with a limit of 3,000 dollars. This is truly a blessing and a big step towards building my credit.

by Gina Washington on The Phenix Group
City: Atlanta
State: GA

I contacted Brian Quinn at The Phenix Group after seeing the all around 5-star reviews back in March. I was trying desperately to fix my credit on my own, but after a year had barley seen any results. It was time to reach out to a professional. After just the first phone call, I immediately knew the phenix group was the correct choice. The guidance and advice I have received has helped me get approved for a $2,000 Quicksilver account! Highly recommend their services if you're serious about raising your credit score & keeping it there!

by Philip Lord on The Phenix Group
City: Bakersville
State: NC

Brian Quinn helped us recover our credit. I was in the low 500's on on my credit and a year later I'm showing in the mid 700's. It costs some money but it is definitely worth it!

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