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The Phenix Group
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 73 reviews
by Meshia Curington on The Phenix Group
City: Williston
State: Nd

Calling several places to get credit repair has been a rampage til i finally met David R. At The Phenix Group.

I want to Thank David R. for being very honest and informal about credit repair. I really appreciate the consultation he gave me on my credit report.

by Kyle M Cunningham on The Phenix Group
City: Gaffney
State: SC

Justin Elliott has been great to work with; constantly updating me with where we were at in the process. Also, he has offered an exponential amount of advice about how I can improve my situation. One final note, Justin has set the bar for customer service; always asking how my family is doing, how I'm doing and just shows a genuine care for his clients. Thank you Justin.

by Meshia Curington on The Phenix Group
City: Williston
State: ND

I want to recommend The Phenix Group.

I consulted with David Rogriguez he was awesome.

And spoke to me about my credit and ho I can improve my credit score and credit to buy a home l. I thank him for the information that he provide me with.

by Tiffany Senkel on The Phenix Group
City: Wichita Falls
State: TX

David Rodriguez has been just an amazing relief for me and my husband. I am working on getting my credit together to buy a home. Thankfully we were put into contact with David and have come such a long way in completing my goal.

by Brent Whitten on The Phenix Group
City: Baton Rouge
State: LA

I was introduced to Joe Camacho, by one of my good friends and ex client of Joe's. My friend told me the exceptional job, Joe has done for him removing items and elevating his credit score 100+ points. I immediately contacted Joe to set up our initial consultation. Joe, was brutally honest with me and my credit history. Basically, Joe told me to do what he ask and I'll see great results. Currently, my credit score is 826 with 100% deletion. When I started with Joe and the Phenix Group, my score was 708. WOW!!!!! Joe and the Phenix Group make dreams come true. #JoeKnowsCredit

by David Beesley on The Phenix Group
City: Spring Branch
State: TX

Brian at the Phenix Group was AWESOME! He helped me and my wife every step of the way in helping us to improve our credit. He even got the WhatsApp to be able to talk to me while I was working overseas. He worked around my schedule and did a fantastic job that helped us get a mortgage for a house! Definitely recommend him 10000%

by Molly Stanley on The Phenix Group
City: Spring Grove
State: PA

My husbands credit had taken a hit over the past year so we decided we had to do something about it. I started looking into different companies and seen ALOT of bad reviews, but the I found Joe Camacho and seen GREAT reviews! I called Joe immediately and he went to work right away! My husbands credit score has went up 120 points! I cannot say enough good things about Joe Camacho! Don't take my word call him today 469-563-3554

Thank you Joe!!!!!

by Rachid Benmachiche on The Phenix Group
City: Glendale
State: CA

My wife and I have been working with Joe Camacho for 5 months now and we couldn't ask for more. Joe did an amazing job cleaning up my wife's credit. He's up front and very honest from the start, he won't promise you the world just to sign you up for the program.

He truly does care about helping his clients. He will walk you through the procedure from A to Z, he will answer your emails and return calls promptly. That was our experience with him, what else could you ask for?

It really is a pleasure working with him. Contact him at (469) 290-4625 if you want to improve your credit.

by Rob Vélez on The Phenix Group
City: New Haven
State: CT

It's been over a year now that I had worked with Joe Camacho at White Jacobs and since then my credit is still great and I have been able to purchase a new car with a great APR and no hoops to jump through like I had to in the past. I have approximately around $30,000 in credit and when I first started with him I had a $500 secured credit card. I could not be happier with the results I have gotten from working with him and this company. I am planning on buying a home this year as well. If you are looking for a company that will truly help you repair your credit and will guide you on what to do after then this is the place for you. Thank you again Joe for everything, my family and I truly appreciate it.

Call Joe Camacho (469) 290-4625.

by Amber Huyghe on The Phenix Group
City: Detroit
State: Michigan

What can I say about THE Joe Camacho? How much time ya got? No seriously, he's the BEST! I discovered Joe and his expertise at a time of complete disaster with my finances. He did everything in his power to make me feel comfortable and confident with the journey we were about to go on. I made massive mistakes in my twenties, and Joe helped me rebuild to a place of improvement! After hard work, honesty, trust, and commitment, I finally leased a brand new car! Let's not leave out the fact he helped jump my credit score over 200 points higher!! That never seemed possible, until I met Joe. I always say...Joe is a pitbull...funny...but true. You won't meet somebody who will hustle harder, than Joe Camacho. I wish you the same success with your finances and'll achieve it...and make sure you put in the work too! Call Joe today and I promise it will be the best decision you ever make.

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